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Courses at Broward Visual and Performing Arts

View a Collection of Course Offerings at Broward Visual and Performing Arts

Title Department Course PDF
2D Design Art ART1201C View PDF
3D Design Art ART1203C  
Art Appreciation Art ARH2000  
Art History: Renaissance to Modern Art ARH2051  
Ceramics I Art ART2750C View PDF
Ceramics: Hand-Building Art ART2754C View PDF
Ceramics: Potter Wheel Art ART2752C View PDF
Color Theory Art ART2205C  
Computer Art Art ART1600C  
Drawing I Art ART1300C  
Film History Art FIL1030  
Fine Arts Digital Photography Art PGY2800C  
Graphic Design II Art GRA2191C  
Independent Study: Ceramics Art ART2906L  
Independent Study: Drawing Art ART2907  
Independent Study: Painting Art ART2909  
Introduction to Graphic Design Art GRA2190C  
Life Drawing Art ART2330C  
Painting I Art ART2500C  
Painting II Art ART2501C  
Photography Art PGY2401C  
Portfolio Preperation and Exhibition Art ART2954C  
Sculpture Art ART2701C  
Special Topics: Ceramics Art ART2932C  
World Art History Art ARH2050  
Ballet 1 Dance DAA2280  
Ballet 2 Dance DAA2281  
Ballet 3 Dance DAA2282  
Dance Appreciation Dance DAN2100  
Dance Composition Dance DAA2610  
Dance Repertory Dance DAA1680  
Jazz Dance I Dance DAA1504  
Jazz Dance II Dance DAA1501  
Modern Dance 2 Dance DAA1101  
Modern Dance 3 Dance DAA2102  
Pointe I Dance DAA2220  
Fiction Filmmaking Film FIL2432C  
Film Appreciation Film FIL2000  
Film Business and Entrepreneurship Film FIL2611  
Film Capstone I: Production Film FIL2515C  
Film Capstone II: Production Film FIL2573C  
Film Editing Fundamentals Film FIL1552C  
Film Internship Film FIL2945  
Film Producing and Production Management Film FIL2680  
Introduction to Filmmaking Film FIL1420C  
Nonfiction Filmmaking Film FIL2438C  
Post Production Film FIL2572C  
Screenwriting Fund. Film FIL1100C  
Screenwriting Workshop Film FIL1131C  
Sound Design Film FIL2537C  
Visual Effects Fundamentals Film FIL2473C  
Ethics Humanities PHI2600  
Intro to Humanities Humanities HUM1020  
Intro to Logic Humanities PHI1100  
Intro to Philosophy Humanities PHI2010  
Intro to Religion Humanities REL2000  
World Religion Humanities REL2300  
Acousitics Music MUM2602C  
Advanced Midi Systems and Sound Design Music MUS2361C  
Advanced Projects in Music Production Music MUS2349C  
Advanced Recording Engineering Music MUM2601C  
American Pop Music Music MUH2019 View PDF
Band Music MUN1120  
Broward Choral Society Music MUN1380C  
Chamber Ensemble Music MUN1460C  
Classical Guitar Ensemble Music MUN1480C View PDF
College Singers Music MUN1310  
Digital Audio Music MUS2342C  
Digital Audio Music Production Music MUS2348C  
Ear Training and Sight Singing IV Music MUT2247  
Ear Training/Sight Singing I Music MUT1241  
Ear Training/Sight Singing II Music MUT1242  
Fundamentals of Music Music MUT1001  
Guitar Class Music MVS1116 View PDF
Intro to Midi Systems and Sound Design Music MUS2344C  
Intro to Music Buisness Music MUM2700  
Intro to Music Tech Music MUS1360  
Intro to Recording Music MUM1600C  
Jazz / Pop Ensemble Music MUN1780C  
Jazz Combo Music MUN1711  
Jazz Ensemble Music MUN1710C  
Jazz Guitar Ensemble Music MUN1481C View PDF
Jazz Theory and Improvisation I Music MUT2641  
Live Sound Music MUS2332C  
Music Appreciation Music MUL2010  
Music History and Literature II Romantic to Modern Music MUH2112 View PDF
Music Tech CO-OP Music MUS2940  
Music Theory II Music MUT1112  
Music Theory IV Music MUT2117  
Musicianship I Music MUT1271C  
Musicianship II Music MUT1272C  
Orchestra Music MUN1280C  
Percussion Ensemble Music MUN1440C View PDF
Piano Calss Music MUT1111  
Piano Class Music MVK1111  
Piano Class II Music MVK1112  
Post Production Sound Music MUM2640C  
Acting 2 Theater TPP2111C View PDF
Intro to Voice Theater TPP2700C View PDF
Theatre Appreciation Theater THE2000