Migrating Clotheslines

Maria Lino

Migrating Clotheslines by Maria Lino

Artist Maria Lino shares the process behind her solo exhibition at Broward College's Rosemary Duffy Larson Gallery.

About This Show

"Migrating Clotheslines" is a multidisciplinary solo exhibition featuring the work of Maria Lino. This site-specific installation of clotheslines with woven, embroidered, and printed textiles form passageways that include two-sided images and texts based on the concept of human migration. As visitors navigate these passageways, they become travelers, being led to the works on paper and videos lining the walls of the gallery. The exhibition shines a light on those who are often overlooked and reminds the viewers of their own journey.

"Migrating Clotheslines" will be open to Broward College students, faculty, and staff to view in the gallery, and all viewers are welcome to visit the show online at www.browardvpa.com. In light of ongoing health concerns, there will be no opening reception, but please click here to register for the Zoom artist lecture.

Videos from Migrating Clotheslines

The art and opinions expressed in the art included in the exhibit are the opinions of the individual artists, and do not indicate an opinion or support from Broward College. Broward College supports the United States Constitution, the right to the Freedom of Speech, and the American Flag.