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Dance Associate of Arts

Whether it’s ballet, modern or jazz that moves you, dancers of all ages and abilities come to Broward College to learn the foundations of dance. Master classes in ballroom, hip-hop and traditional dance forms complement the already robust dance curriculum offered by Broward College. Come and study with our outstanding dance faculty today.



  • Choreographer
  • Dance Educator
  • Professional Dancer
  • Dance Movement Therapist

Program Benefits

Students receive versatile training to refine their skills in various aspects of dance. Courses are designed to give students the foundations of numerous techniques such as ballet, modern, and jazz, in addition to developing their abilities as choreographers and performers.

Summer Dance Classes


Title Course PDF
Modern Dance 2 DAA1101  
Jazz Dance II DAA1501  
Jazz Dance I DAA1504  
Dance Repertory DAA1680  
Modern Dance 3 DAA2102  
Pointe I DAA2220  
Ballet 1 DAA2280  
Ballet 2 DAA2281  
Ballet 3 DAA2282  
Dance Composition DAA2610  
Dance Appreciation DAN2100