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Film Production Associate of Science

Welcome to the exciting world of filmmaking!

Students earning an Associate Science Degree in Film Production Technology or any of our four Professional Certificates will be well-prepared to enter the high-intensity field of film production, which encompasses movies, music videos, commercials and viral marketing, corporate video, wedding video and all other forms of motion-picture art.


The Visual and Performing Arts Department at Broward College is very excited to introduce our new program, which is designed to provide students with hands-on instruction in the fundamentals of Filmmaking and Video Production. You won't just be talking about movies - you will be making them!

Our program covers the three fundamental areas of movie-making:


These courses cover all the theory, skills and techniques needed in the stage that comes before shooting a film - to give you all the preparation you need to proceed on to production. This stage involves the screenwriting, film appreciation, producing and film business courses.


These courses put filmmaking equipment in your hands to make your films, letting you polish your skills in the effective use of state-of-the-art filmmaking technology, as well as the techniques used in storytelling.


After you shoot your film, you will need to put it all together! In the Post-Production Classes, you will learn how to use professional software and hardware to Edit your film, Sound Design its soundtrack, and create exciting Visual Effects to aid in your storytelling.

Benefits of completing this program include:

Our instruction in the three phases of movie-making will prepare you for the multitude of opportunities that exist in the world of Film: working on professional film sets, making your own film production business - producing short films, documentaries, music videos, commercials, corporate videos, weddings, etc., and employment at one of the many production and post-production facilities in South Florida.

When does it start?

The program Associate of Science Degree and Technical Certificate programs begin every Fall and Spring semester:

AS Film Production Technology 64 credits
TC Film Production Fundamentals 24 credits
TC Motion Picture Post Production 16 credits
TC Motion Picture Production Management 16 credits
TC Motion Picture Production 16 credits

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