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Theatre at Broward V&PA

Don the greasepaint, dim the houselights and prepare yourself for a life of action, emotion and excellence in Theatre at Broward College. Students in VPA can study both the performance as well as the technical aspects of the modern theatre as they seek their AA degree.

Mission Statement

Broward College combines Mission and Vision Statements with a set of Core Values to set the standards for institutional success.  In addition, the college's Strategic Plan (2012-2017) outlines the means by which five Strategic Goals will be achieved, providing strategies and initiatives to accomplish the institutional Mission.

In conjunction with Broward College's Mission, the Theatre Program's MISSION and GOALS emphasize similar aspiration.

The Mission of the Theatre Program at Broward College is to provide instruction and mentoring by award-winning, highly qualified faculty in an environment of academic excellence that insures learning outcomes are achieved and student success attained.  The department embraces diversity and fosters unity and ensemble in a collaborative learning-centered community which ensures the successful transfer of its students to well respected theatre programs at institutes of higher learning.

Our Goals support the Mission of our department by:

  • Providing quality instruction on par with other accredited theatre programs
  • Evaluating and improving learning outcomes on a regular basis in order to promote student success
  • Continuing to develop and implement effective innovative teaching methods
  • Insure students are working with appropriate facilities, equipment, and technology in a safe environment to insure student success
  • Provide performing art opportunities and experiences for non-theatre majors and the community
  • Maintaining teaching faculty and staff of the highest caliber

The Goals of the Theatre Dept. are achieved through the following Strategies that are evaluated annually.

  • Review Broward College theatre curriculum annually to ensure it reflects the same learning outcomes as those delivered by NAST accredited theatre programs
  • Test students each term to assess learning outcomes mastery
  • Supervisors will observe and evaluate teaching methods of faculty, and assess staff performance each year
  • Faculty will participate in professional development as stipulated by contract
  • Full time and part time theatre faculty will meet annually to share best practices and innovative teaching methods
  • Any Broward College student enrolled in at least 6 credits may audition and be cast in productions and/or enroll in tech lab positions.
  • Annual inventory of theatre equipment will take place to assess viability and improvements that need to be made
  • Insure all locations which provide theatre performance and technical theatre coursework have appropriate facilities, equipment and personnel to promote student success
  • Utilize departmental resources to promote and enhance theatre experiences for all constituencies.
  • Present an annual theatre season of quality: 2 main stage productions, 2 second stage productions and 1 summer production for the community all of which offer students opportunities to develop their performance and/or technical skills.

In conjunction with the department's Mission, an on-going five-year Strategic Plan (2013-2018) will provide guidance for specific time-frame decisions.

The art and opinions expressed in the art included in the exhibit are the opinions of the individual artists, and do not indicate an opinion or support from Broward College. Broward College supports the United States Constitution, the right to the Freedom of Speech, and the American Flag.